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Celebration of Life/Memorial Service & Picture Posting

Hi everyone,

Scott McClenahan’s Celebration of Life/Memorial Service will take place this Saturday, 02/11/12, at the St. Francis Yacht Club, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Shaun has asked that you continue to upload your favorite Scott pictures to the Scott McClenahan Flickr site so that we may have a slideshow during the Celebration.

The information to upload the pictures are as follows:


USERNAME: scott.mcclenahan

PASSWORD: shaunmatt

Click on UPLOAD

If you are having any problems with the upload, please feel free to email me ( your pictures and I am happy to upload them.

Thanks tons for sharing your pictures and stories over the past week.  Please keep on posting them.  They continue to mean so much to the family and friends.

xoxoxoxo – Susu




  1. Scott’s exuberance, friendship and sense of humor touched everyone he knew. We were lucky to have shared fun times with him while our sons played together — at school, in Tahoe, in Maui, and at our homes. His passing reminds us how precious life is, and that we should cherish each other each day.

    After Scott’s passing, one Matthew story remains at the forefront of my mind. It was Grandparents + Special Friends Visiting Day at school; our sons were in the 1st grade. We do not have family in the area, but I was lucky enough to have a clear schedule so I went to school that day. As the classroom filled with Special Friends and Grandparents, Matthew was sad because he didn’t have a Special Friend at school. Without hesitation, I told Matthew that I would be his Special Friend that day and he immediately climbed into my lap. With one arm around Matthew and the other around my son, I felt surrounded by love. It was an honor to be Matthew’s special friend that day. Matt, I will always be your special friend. (You,too, Shaun. Of course!)

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  2. His life has now passed away
    He is with the Lord today
    Enjoying a better life anew
    His memory we shall carry through
    Until we again rendezvous

    Shaun and Matthew, I will be some distance away physically, yet my thoughts will only be of the three of you on Saturday.

    Tony Arnold

  3. Susu, thank you for continuing to share information. Please let us know if in lieu of flowers, there is a memorial where we can send something (a non-profit or something for Matthew’s college fund or ?).

    xxoo, Jill

  4. Scottie

    I salute you my dear friend! You inspire me and continue to make me laugh and smile through your spirit! Thank you for being so beautifully and uniquely you!

    From the day I met you
    you had a sparkle in your eye and mischief on your mind
    I knew at that moment
    I’d met one of a kind

    From what I recall
    We first met at the gym on Telegraph Hill
    Where after 5 minutes of working out
    You had recruited each member to have a beer and sit still

    Shaun always wondered why
    As she got fit and strong
    None of the other members got in shape
    Even though they were supposedly working out.all day long

    One by one- your circle of friends grew
    Leading to the start of Scottie’s Fresh Crew

    You dreamed up the idea of Tinsley Houseboat trips
    Showing us how to let loose on the Lost Isle
    Then pulled out the disco ball for dock parties
    So much fun they left everyone on the dock in a pile

    Remember the time you and Shaun came back from Mexico
    Introduced everyone to the “La Macerena”
    And wasn’t it you taught us how make the perfect summer drink
    The famous Scottie Skip and go Nake’d

    From Bocci ball to to belly flops in the pool
    There was no arguing with Scottie on the amps needed
    He was bringing Rock Star Speakers that were too cool for school

    I can’t put words to the fun and adventures you created
    From Tahoe to Tinsley, Monterey to the SF bay
    You never found a place
    Where there wasn’t an experience to be had or somewhere to play

    Only you would find it necessary for Burger King guests to have quality seating…So you made it your project
    Only you would try to convince other franchise owners that offering five star seating was Indeed going to turn a profit

    Its stories like this that make me understand the way you think
    Never a job, chore or any life difficulties
    Only pure joy and happiness in everything you do…to you life is full of festivities

    When joining you for any adventure
    I knew your packing list was never to be questioned
    If you asked for matches, watermelons or go carts
    I didn’t ask ? I just lended

    Of course you wouldn’t let anyone cook dinner without
    A hat on our head at your lake house in the summer
    Or skip the quick, easy 4 hr ride Mt bike ride straight up The Flume trail
    Before getting our promised rum runner

    From building home missiles
    That would shoot out potatoes and explode
    To racing bikes, boats and auto
    Anything that would attack water and road

    Because your such a goofball and knucklehead
    You capture our hearts by reminding us there is a kid in every one of us
    Being young at heart and not taking everything so serious
    is one of the reasons we love you so much

    A love bug, a playmate a husband a dad…
    Not one of these roles have you ever considered a fad

    A man of goodness ….who defines dignity and grace
    A man who is perfect in every way
    And of course is always exuding exquisitely good taste

    And now its time to salute your other half
    Who in each piece of mischief you created
    She was solid as a rock and could only laugh

    Even when you broke up for a minute in time
    There was never a shadow of doubt
    the two of you were meant to be
    You would be back together at the flip of a dime

    You told us that from the minute you saw her…
    Your heart went soft…and your eyes went hot ‘dang’
    From that moment on …you knew you were her Ying and she your Yang

    Who could forget your wedding day
    Up in beautiful Napa Valley
    When you decided no need to wait for the reception
    Open the bar early and wedding guests would follow suit and rally

    The Silverado was just another blink
    in your life story
    A mere moment in time
    when we saw you in such glory

    Through this union we were blessed with Matthew
    The perfect blend of you and Shaun
    Thank you both because through Matthew
    Your legacy will live on

    Matthew and you such peas in a pod…
    life father like son
    WOW….. Matthew..what a treasured gift to us all
    Thanks … job very weld done

    I can’t want to see you live, breathe and blossom through your wife and child
    Watch out Shaun and Matthew….things are about to get wild

    You will be missed my friend…but I know your are not far away
    There will always be a part of you living and laughing through all you have touched …each and everyday

    I won’t be saying goodbye nor farewell,
    Because I know you won’t be going anywhere….you have way to many stories to tell

    Look forward to continuing to celebrate your life my dear friend.


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